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Ben & Jerry's invite you to Join the March

Ever since we churned up our very first batch of ice cream, we’ve used our business to support justice and equality. And throughout our journey, we’ve taken inspiration from the heroes of the civil rights movement – heroes like Congressman John Lewis, who dedicated his life to a vision of democracy where every citizen is represented.

Today, Americans are taking a long, hard look at our society and recognizing systems that perpetuate racial and economic inequity. We believe there’s never been a more important moment to get into what Congressman Lewis called "good trouble." Part of Congressman Lewis’ philosophy was that you had to "create the climate and the environment for change." That meant using every means possible – including art and creativity – which is a core philosophy here at Ben & Jerry’s. That’s why we’re proud to bring you “The Long March” based on Congressman Lewis’ iconic graphic novel trilogy MARCH, to inspire and encourage you to get out and vote.

Ready to join the march?

Call on Congress to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act!


John Lewis Books
Art by Nate Powell, from March © John Lewis & Andrew Ayden, courtesy Top Shelf Productions / IDW Publishing

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