Ben & Jerry’s By the Numbers

December 11, 2020

Who knew that math could be so sweet?

We’ll level with you — we’re not really numbers people. Unless it’s the number of different euphoric chunks in a pint of New York Super Fudge Chunk (it's 5), we’ll stick to the churning and swirling. But we have come across some pretty interesting numbers lately, and it’s making us wonder if math is actually a whole lot sweeter than we thought. Check it out:


  • Number of pints we churn up every year:
    194,164,352 in the US

    Yup, we counted them.

  • Countries where you can find Ben & Jerry’s:

    Road trip, anyone?

  • Number of people who visit our factory in Waterbury, VT each year:

    On average, 2020 mayyy be a different story.

  • Scoops scooped on Free Cone Day:
    over 1.4 million globally

    Our forearm strength is like whoa.

  • Dogs in our offices:

    It’s a ruff job.

  • Scoops in a Vermonster Sundae:

    Better invite the crew if you’re going to brave this one.

  • Free pints employees get per day:

    We’re very popular at dinner parties.

  • Freshly baked waffle cones served per year:
    over 3 million

    And we’re waffully proud of each and every one.

  • Slides in our office:

    Slides in co-founder Ben’s living room: 1. What can we say, we like slides.

  • Possible shake flavor combinations possible at Scoop Shops:

    Granted, this includes combos like Mint Chocolate Chunk and Lemonade Sorbet, which might be . . . odd.

  • Fans who took action for their values in 2019:

    A drizzle of political action with your scoops?

  • Flavors that have cookie dough:

    What can we say? We love to do the dough! Doughn’t blame us, we dough if for the love of the dough.