8 Questions About Dogs, Ice Cream, & Doggie Desserts: Answered

January 7, 2021

Dog with Doggie Dessert mini cup

We know that you only want the best for your four-legged pals. And just like you enjoy digging into a pint of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor, your pups will love digging into Ben & Jerry’s Doggie Desserts frozen dog treats. Ready for the inside scoop on your pooch’s new favorite dog-friendly desserts? We have answers to all your top questions:


  • 1. Can dogs eat ice cream?

    You may be wondering, is ice cream safe for dogs to eat? And the short answer is: no. And that’s exactly why we churned up Ben & Jerry’s Doggie Desserts with very limited amounts of dairy, so they are perfectly safe for your dog to enjoy. These frosty treats for dogs are made with sunflower butter, which is dog-safe (and dog-delicious).

    According to dog experts, most dogs can tolerate dairy only in very small amounts, and they may get upset bellies if they have too much. It’s much safer to stick with dog-safe treats like Ben & Jerry’s Doggie Desserts because let’s face it, an upset stomach is no treat!

  • 2. Are dogs lactose intolerant?

    According to the American Kennel Club, some dogs are lactose intolerant, and some aren’t! But even for dogs that are not lactose intolerant, dairy can still cause digestive issues and should be avoided.

  • 3. Why are Doggie Desserts made with sunflower butter? Is this safe for dogs to eat?

    Yes, according to fuzzyrescue.org, sunflower butter is safe for dogs to eat! Ben & Jerry’s Doggie Desserts are dog-friendly, dog-safe frozen treats. Sunflower seed butter is perfectly safe for your pup, which is why we chose it for these wag-worthy treats. Unlike milk or cream, sunflower seed butter will not give your dog an upset tummy — just a wagging tail and a smiling face!

  • 4. Can I try Doggie Desserts?

    You may be wondering if you can sample your pup’s Doggie Desserts, or if they are for dogs only. While Doggie Desserts frozen dog treats were developed specifically for pups and are not labeled for human enjoyment, they do use the same ingredients that you’d find in our flavors made for humans. So they are perfectly safe for you to taste, as long as you like pumpkin and pretzels!

  • 5. What Doggie Dessert flavors are available?

    There are two pup-tastic Doggie Dessert flavors: Rosie’s Batch is made with pumpkin and mini cookies and Pontch’s Mix is made with peanut butter and pretzel swirls. Your dog won’t be able to choose their favorite!

  • 6. Where can I buy Doggie Desserts?

    You can find Ben & Jerry’s Doggie Desserts at grocery stores with the other cold treats for dogs or alongside your favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors. Depending on the retailer, they’ll either be in the freezer aisle with the frozen dog treats or with Ben & Jerry’s frozen novelties or mini cups.

  • 7. Are there dog ice cream recipes?

    Any dog ice cream recipes that you encounter that are dairy-based should be avoided. But could you whip up a drool-worthy dog treat using dog-safe Doggie Desserts? Heck, yeah.

  • 8. How do you keep dogs cool in the summer?

    Looking for frozen dog treats for summer? Ponch’s Mix and Rosie’s Batch Doggie Desserts are a perfect way to keep dogs cool (and happy!) in the hot summer months. Refresh your pup after a walk or trip to the dog park with the perfect frozen puppy treat from Ben & Jerry’s.