8 Things You Need To Know About Our New Topped Flavors

January 28, 2021

Seven pints of Ben & Jerry's Topped ice cream flavors.

There’s a new crew of delicious ice cream flavors in the freezer aisle: Ben & Jerry’s Topped pints! These flavors are totally over-the-Topped, with all the chunks and swirls you love, plus a spoonable chocolatey ganache topping. Ready to get to know the newbies? Grab a spoon, let’s dig in.


  1. What is ganache, anyway?

    Not sure you want to nosh that ganache until you’ve gotten to know each other? We feel you. Ganache (GUH-nosh) is a soft chocolate mixture that you’ll often find inside truffles, fancy pastries, and cakes. But don’t worry, it’s not so fancy that it’ll make your other pints uncomfortable.

  2. Is the topping hard or soft?

    It’s firm but spoonable. Not so hard that it cracks, but firm enough to stand up for itself.

  3. Where have I seen these before?

    You must be a world traveller, because only a keen ice cream lover with an up-to-date passport would know that these flavors have been delighting ice cream lovers in Europe and the UK since 2017. Do they eat it with a tea spoon and their pinkies up? Indubitably.

  4. Why are you so into whiskey?

    Pour yourself a glass of whiskey and scoop yourself a bowl of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor and you tell us. Whiskey Biz Topped joins Urban Bourbon on the top shelf of our freezer (alongside the ghosts of Tennessee Mud and Bourbon Pecan Pie, RIP).

  5. How should I eat Topped flavors?

    We’re glad you asked, because there is absolutely a right and a wrong way to eat these. First, the wrong way: flipping the pint upside down and tunneling in from the bottom. Alternatively, drilling into the side of the pint using a large-gauge drill bit. Do it right by setting the pint on a flat surface, removing the lid, and digging in using the ice cream-eating implement of your choice (creativity encouraged).

  6. Why so many flavors?

    Why not?

  7. Are Topped flavors available in Non-Dairy?

    Have you seen the Non-Dairy lineup lately? It’s packed! There are so many chunks and swirls in there it makes our head spin. But as soon as there’s room in our Non-Dairy freezer for more euphoric flavors, we’ll tell the Flavor Gurus to get to work on some of these Topped flavors.

  8. Alright, I’m interested. When will they be available near me?

    Soon! Soon enough that you should start planning which pint you’ll dig into first. And in the meantime, sign up for our email list below and we’ll keep you up-to-date.