Top 10 Ben & Jerry’s Flavors of 2021

December 20, 2021

We’ve crunched the numbers! Is your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor a top 10 fan favorite? Check out the list below and see which pints totally won 2021:


  • 10. Brownie Batter Core

    As much as we love brownies (and trust us, that’s a deep and enduring love), we have to admit that brownie batter might have it beat. Apparently fans think so, too.

  • 9. Chunky Monkey

    Is there anything bananas can’t do? Breakfast? Yes. Dessert? Yum. Fold the laundry? Okay, maybe not that one.

  • 8. Americone Dream

    The pint that proves that dreams do come true. When those dreams involve caramel swirls and chocolate-covered waffle cone pieces, at least.

  • 7. Phish Food

    Fans have been hooked on this chocolate-and-marshmallow treat since 1997. If only mood rings and baggy jeans had fared so well.

  • 6. Strawberry Cheesecake

    Come for the cheesecake ice cream, stay for those thick graham cracker swirls.

  • 5. Tonight Dough

    As long as Jimmy Fallon keeps churning out the jokes, fans will be digging into The Tonight Dough. There’s no such thing as too much cookie dough, right?

  • 4. Chocolate Fudge Brownie

    For chocolate lovers, it doesn’t get much better than this. And the fact that Chocolate Fudge Brownie has consistently been one of our top 5 flavors is proof.

  • 3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

    A fan favorite ever since an anonymous fan suggested it in 1984, there’s nothing fans love more than cookie dough in vanilla ice cream.

  • 2. Cherry Garcia

    You know what they say, first is the worst, second is the best, right? Cherry Garcia comes in at #2 for the eighth year in a row!

  • 1. Half Baked

    Year after year, Half Baked reigns supreme over the ice cream aisle. Is it the fudge brownies and cookie dough chunks that bring fans back time after time? Yes, it absolutely is.