Introducing Into the Mix, Our New Podcast Dedicated to Art, Activism, and Social Change

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February 23, 2022

Illustration that reads: New Podcast Alert! Into The Mix: A Ben & Jerry's Podcast About Joy and Justice. Produced with Vox Creative.

We’re launching a new podcast! Into the Mix is a euphoric blend of culture, art, and activism created to inspire a new generation of activists and artists all over the world—and the first two episodes are available right now.

You know how every one of our flavors is guaranteed to delight your taste buds? Well, we took the same approach with Into the Mix and worked hard to ensure that every episode delights your ears. Actually, our amazing host, New York Times best-selling author Ashley C. Ford, makes sure of that. And she’ll be digging deep with prominent cultural figures about their lives, what inspires them, and how they’ve used their influence to champion social change.

Sounds pretty great, right? Start listening today!


Bringing People Together

At a time when so many people, both here and around the globe, have lost faith in the ability of government to achieve real and lasting positive change, it makes sense that a lot of us have started looking elsewhere for leadership and inspiration. That’s why we wanted to talk to artists and activists who are using their platforms to advance the cause of justice. What drives them? What matters to them? Where are the challenges, and where are the opportunities? What gives them hope?

We’ve always believed that ice cream brings people together—we see Into the Mix as another way to invite everyone to have fun, get inspired, and take part in these critical conversations about creating a more just and equitable world.


Our Guests

Our first episode features the one and only John Legend. The singer-activist breaks down racism in the criminal legal system, the importance of voting rights, his history of social activism, and his ongoing efforts to dismantle structural racism at the local level.

Next up will be artist and activist Favianna Rodriguez, who created the powerful pint design for Pecan Resist, a Limited Batch flavor released in 2018 to support grassroots groups resisting the Trump administration’s regressive and discriminatory policies. You can see much more of her work here.

We’re only getting started. More remarkable guests will be coming your way in future episodes.


Our Podcasting Team

Into the Mix follows the success of our first podcast, Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America, which was guided by our friend, Jeffery Robinson. Who We Are revealed the hidden ways that legal discrimination, state-sanctioned brutality, and the legacy of slavery and white supremacy continue to harm Black people in this country.

We worked with Vox Creative on Who We Are, and we’re teaming up with them again on Into the Mix. This time around, as we mentioned, we have writer//teacher/podcaster/force of nature Ashley C. Ford as our host. She is the author of the acclaimed, best-selling memoir, Somebody’s Daughter, and with her background in journalism, cultural commentary, and racial-equity work, she’s the perfect partner for this project. Plus, as you’ll find out, she’s also just a lot of fun to listen to!


Stay Tuned

“Successful movements for social change have never just been about good ideas and good policy,” says Chris Miller, our Global Head of Activism Strategy. “Historically, whether it’s the abolitionist movement, the anti-Vietnam War movement, Occupy Wall Street, or Black Lives Matter, music and art are woven into the fabric of these efforts.

“This podcast celebrates the intersection of activism, art, and culture, which can be described as the joy on the long journey to justice.”

It’s our pleasure to share all the joy and inspiration of these conversations with you. Stay up to date with all the latest podcast news and get details on every new Into the Mix episode here!