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ICYMI: 5 Incredible Treats You Can Get At The Scoop Shop Right Now

One of the exciting things about your local Scoop Shop is that they’re always churning up fun new flavors and menu items. Sure, you can always get your go-to favorites like Half Baked in a freshly baked waffle cone or Cherry Garcia and Chocolate blended into a shake. But when you’re looking to mix it up, they always deliver. Check out these 5 tantalizing treats that might just become your new summer faves:

  1. Churray for Churros!

    Chip, chip, churray! Churray for Churros! has buttery cinnamon ice cream, churro pieces, and crunchy cinnamon swirls — everything you expect from your favorite churro spot, all churned up in delicious Ben & Jerry’s style. Try it in the Churray for Churros! Waffle Cone Sundae with caramel sauce, fresh whipped cream, and a cinnamon sugar topping for a real churr-whoa experience.

  2. Oatmeal Dream Pie

    Dreams do come true! Oatmeal Dream Pie has oatmeal crème pie ice cream, oatmeal cookies that you won’t believe are gluten-free, and marshmallow swirls for days. You don't even need to be gluten-free to enjoy this 100% gluten-free, 110% decadent dessert.

  3. Lights! Caramel! Action!

    Our ice cream ode to iconic filmmaker Ava Duvernay has vanilla ice cream jam-packed with salted caramel swirls, graham cracker swirls, and gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough. Even better? Order Lights! Caramel! Action! in the Lights! Caramel! Action! Cookie Sundae and we’ll scoop it on top of chocolate chunk cookies and top it with caramel sauce, fresh whipped cream, and a cookie crumb topping. Now that’s ready for the red carpet.

  4. Chocolate PB Chunk

    If peanut butter and chocolate are your jam — and we’re betting they are — you’ve gotta give new Chocolate PB Chunk a try. Chocolate peanut butter ice cream, peanut butter swirls, and fudge chunks make this a peanut butter lover’s dream. Try it in a fresh-baked waffle cone for maximum yum.

  5. Butterscotch’d

    Butterscotch lovers, this one’s for you! We churned up new Butterscotch’d with butterscotch ice cream, butterscotch swirls, and fudge-covered pretzels. (Bonus points if you can say “butterscotch” 10 times fast.) Want to amp up the chocolate? Order it in a chocolate-dipped waffle cone!

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