Ben & Jerry's S'more Cone with PB S'more ice cream

The S’more Cone Is Now at Scoop Shops!

When new PB S’more ice cream came to Scoop Shops, we knew that we needed to whip up a CONE-panion worthy of all that peanut butter and marshmallow glory. So we got to work. The result? The S’more Cone! Here’s how we make it:

  1. Make a freshly baked waffle cone. You know the kind: You can smell them halfway down the block and they make you feel all warm and snuggly inside (and also like you need an ice cream cone immediately).

  2. Spread marshmallow cream around the outside of the cone. Because no s’more is complete without marshmallow.

  3. Dip it in our hot fudge sauce and then let it chill out for a while. Nobody likes a drippy cone, after all.

  4. Fill it with your favorite ice cream flavor! We think it’s best with PB S’more, but you do you.

  5. Enjoy! (Napkins strongly encouraged.)

Break off a piece and dip it in your ice cream like the world’s best chips and dip. Or eat the ice cream first and save that scrumptious cone for last. However you eat it, we can’t wait to make one for you. Find your nearest Scoop Shop now!

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