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Let our catering service turn your next gathering into an ice cream extravaganza. From set-up to clean-up, we do it so you can party on! It's like having your very own Ben & Jerry's scoop shop right at your own event.  Choose from our euphoric ice cream and certified vegan Non-Dairy flavors, which can be served in cups or cones, sundaes or pint parties.  Just let us know when, where, and how many & we'll turn any size event into an ice cream party! We will travlel througout Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana & Iowa for your catering needs.

Ice cream catering setup on table

Our Catering Experiences

Ben & Jerry's Hot Chocolate

Not only does Ben & Jerry's make Super Premium Ice Cream, we also make Super Premium Hot Chocolate - a warm treat to get through the winter! 

Ben & Jerry's Cow Mobile

Be the talk of the party and beyond, with our cow mobile you will be the party of the year. 

Catering Menu

Banana Split Party

Three scoops of ice cream atop a split banana, topped with hot fudge, caramel and fresh whipped cream along with 4 dry toppings. We’ll bring 4 of your favorite flavors.

Cow Mobile Full Menu

Our 26 foot ice cream truck will come loaded with 10 ice cream flavors along with 2 staff. Please contact us at 630-544-8122 or 630-854-8340 for pricing and availability.

Cup or Cone Party

We’ll scoop 4 of your favorite flavors of ice cream or sorbet into cups or cones. Sweeten this package by upgrading to our waffle cones!

Deluxe Cup Party

Enjoy an Ice Cream Cup party with toppings!  Choose any 4 toppings (Chocolate Sprinkles, Rainbow Sprinkles, Peanuts, M&Ms, Reeces, Oreos, Gummy Bear) with your 4 favorite ice cream flavors!

Hot Chocolate Party

Start with our super rich hot chocolate and choose from a variety of flavored syrups to make your own custom flavor. Top it off with fresh whipped cream and marshmallows. Cold weather never felt so good. Add ice cream to your party for $1.50 per person.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

'Wiches are made with two of our cookies and a thick slab of whatever flavor you choose. We then dip half of the whole concoction in our chocolate. This item is available for drop off parties.

Ice Cream Float/Sorbet Splash Party

A refreshing and lighter alternative to shakes and smoothies. We will bring our lemonade, berry berry sorbet or vanilla ice cream float in lemonade. We will complete with whipped cream.

In-Store Party

Bring a group to our shop and order right from our menu board! Please contact us directly at 630-544-8122 or 630-854-8340 for availability.

Pint Party

We bring your choice of hand packed or pre-packed pint flavors, toppings, cups & napkins... even a scoop!

Root Beer Float Party

Craft soda float party. We will bring your choice of Jones Craft Soda. Flavors include, Root Beer, Strawberry Limeade, Berry Lemonade, Green Apple, Cream Soda and Orange Cream. Each float comes with 2 scoops of your choice of ice cream.

Sundae Party

Choose 4 of your favorite flavors, and get ready to top them with hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream and and your choice of 4 dry toppings. We’ll bring the bowls, spoons and napkins.

Sundae Party (Deluxe)

Choose 4 of your favorite flavors, and get ready to top them with cookies, brownies, hot fudge or caramel, 4 dry toppings (rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, Oreo's, Reeces, Gummy Bears or peanuts along whipped cream. We’ll bring the bowls, spoons and napkins.

Super Deluxe Sundae Party

A 3 scoop deluxe ice cream sundae bar. Choose 4 of your favorite flavors, with your choices with hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream, 6 dry toppings, cookies, brownies and individually wrapped dough pops.
Please call 630-544-8122 for all catering questions.

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