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Whip up an Ice Cream Extravaganza for any-sized party, picnic or gathering.  We set up, scoop up, and clean up!  You just indulge.
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Catering Menu

Cup or Cone Party  -  $4.95 per serving

Our most popular meeting break, we scoop any six flavors from our 45 original flavors of Super Premium Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt & Sorbet from our Ben & Jerry’s theme carts or tents on site with our professional staff doing the scooping. We can handle any size convention with this type of break, in whatever time frame you wish. In the past we have done groups of 1000 people in under 30 minutes!!! Note: We will gladly add more flavors at your request for a nominal fee.

Mini Cups Package  -  $4.95 per serving

The ultimate in ease and convenience! Enjoy our our super-premium Ice Cream on a stick. This type of break is excellent for a “Grab & Go” snack. We provide the coolers, or carts (depending upon group size) and the labor if you wish. You can choose any combination of four flavors.

Sundae Party  -  $7.50 per serving

This break adds a special touch to any meeting. We provide up to six flavors of ice cream and any toppings you wish (Hot Fudge, Whipped Cream, Sprinkles, Walnuts, M & M’s etc.), as well as carts with Ben & Jerry’s graphics and our professional staff.

Sundae Party (Deluxe)  -  $9.50 per serving

In this type of break we literally bring our Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop to your event or conference. We'll bring six flavors and serve Cones, Dishes, Shakes, Ice Cream Floats, Cookies, Brownies and Sundaes with all the toppings-just like you were at our store!! Whatever your guest may want-it’s covered by this break.
Please call 518 369 0918 for all catering questions.

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