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Email Your Alder And Tell Them: #CloseTheWorkhouse Today!




Why We Need Your Help To Close The Workhouse

St. Louis, we need your help. Can we count on you to call on your alderperson to close the infamous Workhouse jail and invest in services that strengthen communities instead?

We are working hard with our partners at the Close the Workhouse Coalition to raise awareness and rally support. Here’s why:

  • The city of St. Louis spends $16 million every year to fund the Workhouse, money that could instead be invested in communities for affordable housing, job training, and education.

  • 99% of those incarcerated at the Workhouse are held without having been convicted of a crime and remain there because they cannot afford the cash bond set by the court.

  • 40% of the St. Louis city budget is spent on police and jails, while only .3% is spent on health and human services.

The campaign has had some important victories, and leaders like Mayor Lyda Krewson are feeling pressure from the groundswell of citywide support. But with some big votes coming up in the Board of Aldermen, now’s the time to make sure we shut the Workhouse down for good and invest in the people of St. Louis instead.

Tell your alderperson to help close the Workhouse and use that $16 million to fund social services that will truly make St. Louis safe. Email them now!




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