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Tweet Your Alder And Tell Them: #CloseTheWorkhouse Today!




Why We Need Your Help To Close The Workhouse

St. Louis, we need your help. The fight to close the infamous Workhouse Jail has been building for years and has never had more momentum than at this very moment. Can we count on you to call on your alderperson to close the Workhouse Jail and invest in services that strengthen communities instead?

We are working hard with our partners at the Close the Workhouse Coalition to raise awareness and rally support. And they've already made some incredible strides:

  • A federal judge ruled last July that people couldn’t be held behind bars only because of an inability to pay bail.
  • The number of people locked up at the Workhouse declined drastically between 2018 and 2020, from almost 600 in 2019 to 100 as of this writing.
  • The Workhouse budget had already been slashed from $16.3 million to $7.6 million for the 2020 fiscal year (before it was eliminated entirely by the Ways and Means committee).

Tweet your alder today! Tell them to close the Workhouse and use the savings to fund social services that will truly make St. Louis safe! This victory will serve as a roadmap for criminal justice reforms nationwide, with St. Louis leading the way.




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