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Demand That St. Louis #CloseTheWorkhouse Today!




Hey there, St. Louis! We’re going on tour this June to close the St. Louis Workhouse Jail, and you’re invited!

Starting on June 10th, we’ll be on tour around the city of St. Louis to close the Workhouse for good. Join us and our partners at the Close The Workhouse Coalition and Advancement Project National Office for free scoops and to join the movement for a more just St. Louis!

The city of St. Louis spends $16 million every year on the Workhouse Jail — a facility where 90% of those held are legally innocent and simply cannot afford to pay bail. Even worse? 90% of those being held are Black, while only 47% of the City of St. Louis population is Black.

It’s not just, and it’s not right. It’s time to invest in people and communities, not mass incarceration. Imagine if St. Louis reallocated that $16 million to job training programs, education, substance abuse treatment, childcare, and other programs. The result would be a stronger community, and no need for an unjust detention center.

Follow us at @benjerrystour to find out where we’ll be each day!




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