9 Ben & Jerry’s Flavors for 9 Types of Summer Days

July 6, 2015

The best thing about summer is the ice cream. Then again, we think ice cream is the best part of every season, so maybe we’re a little biased. Even if that’s the case, we still believe that there’s the perfect flavor for every kind of summer day.

Read on for 9 quintessential summer days, and the Ben & Jerry’s flavors that complement them best:

  1. Too Hot to Move

    When the day gets hotter than you thought possible, grab yourself some Berry Berry Extraordinary™ Sorbet. This flavor is light, refreshing and has a brazenly berry burst to cool you off.

  2. Sun Shower Afternoon

    Precipitation when the sun’s out? We suggest you head out into the rain with your umbrella in one hand, and the cherries and fudge flakes of Cherry Garcia® in the other

  3. Gray & Gloomy

    No summer day should be sad, but sometimes the weather does its best to make you feel a little glum. When this happens, The Tonight Dough® has two (TWO!) types of cookie dough to pick you back up.

  4. Oh, the Humidity!

    You step outside and you’re smacked in the face by a wall of hot, sticky summer air that makes you feel grimy, even if you’ve just showered. That’s the time for Mint Chocolate Cookie and its wintry blast of peppermint refreshment!

  5. Beachside Bonanza

    Some days you wake up to the waves calling your name. When that happens, grab your bathing suit, towel and a pint of Half Baked®. Its fudge brownies and gobs of cookie dough were made for the shore.

  6. Ready for Road Trips

    Whether you’re driving cross country or to the watering hole at the edge of town, the rich, creamy smoothness of our Vanilla ice cream will keep you cool as you you cruise in style.

  7. Cool & Calm

    Some days you can throw on your jeans without being too hot. We like to celebrate this break from the heat with Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Because, you know, brownies are awesome.

  8. A Day to Count the Clouds

    When blue skies are full of perfectly puffed clouds, there’s no better way to go than eating some fluffy goodness of your own. Enter Save Our Swirled™ with its raspberry and marshmallow swirls.

  9. The Days Dreams Are Made Of

    The most perfect summer days deserve something special. We suggest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, one of our most classic flavors that many have imitated, but none have duplicated.