4 Best Ways to Dress as Your Favorite Flavor for Halloween

October 13, 2016

The Biggest Decision You’ll Make All Year

The time has come, Halloweeners. Time to start making some hard choices about what you’re going to be for the season’s biggest holiday. Whether you’ll be hopping from party to party or chilling at home handing out candy to the neighborhood kids (or just taking some Instagram pics and then watching the likes roll in over a pint of Pumpkin Cheesecake), a great costume is a must.

We take Halloween pretty seriously around here. And as much fun as it can be to dress up as a zombie witch or a ghostly ghoul and scare the sprinkles out of your friends, we have a real soft spot for funny, clever costumes.

And so we bring you these masterpieces of Halloween costumery: your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavors. Here’s how to make magic happen this Halloween:

  1. Chubby Hubby

    Let’s be honest, some of you probably already have this costume on. Sweats + beard stubble + pretzel-covered shirt + remote = your favorite vanilla-malt-fudge-peanutty-pretzel flavor. 

  2. S’mores

    Nothing says “I’m not ready for summer to be over” like a S’mores costume in the middle of fall. A marshmallow hat, flame shoes, and a chocolate bar prop (which will definitely make it through the whole evening intact, right?) make this a go-to for any fan of this camping-inspired flavor.

  3. AmeriCone Dream

    If this election season isn’t making you feel like becoming a proud new Canadian, maybe it’s making you feel particularly American. If so, American Dream is the costume for you. One flag outfit, a waffle-pattern stocking cap, and a whole lot of Colbert jokes.

  4. Make Your Own Flavor

    Tell your creativity to wake up and get ready for some action. The possibilities here are endless — Strawberry CheeseKate, Chocolate Fudge Bobby, Half Jaked, The Tonight Bro (we could do this all day). Make your own wearable pint out of two pieces of poster board: paint or print them with the Ben & Jerry’s logo and your own awesome flavor name, staple or glue them together into a circle shape, and attach it to yourself with clip-on suspenders. Lid hat and oversized spoon optional. 

Have you ever dressed as a Ben & Jerry’s pint before? Pics or it didn’t happen! Share your best Ben & Jerry’s-inspired costumes in the comments below!