10 of the Fanciest Ice Cream Words We Love To Say

August 8, 2016

Break Out The Top Hats, Ladies And Gents

It’s fun to get a little fancy now and then, isn’t it? Indeed, we like to put on our top hats and stick our pinkies out whilst spooning Strawberry Cheesecake gently into our mouths on occasion. (No, we really don’t. But let’s go with it.)

And when we do, we also forgo the thoroughly bourgeois term “ice cream”. Yes, that’s right, we upgrade our lexicon along with our manners and attire. “Jeeves!” we say, “Bring me the spumone with the ganache on top, s’il vous plait.”

Lost already? That’s alright. These are a few of our absolute favorite fancy words for our favorite dessert – for when “ice cream” isn’t quite elegant enough.



Ben & Jerry's - Gelato

You probably heard this word a lot when your college roommate came back from their semester abroad in Italy. “I had gelato every day!” they probably said. “It’s mostly like ice cream, but more . . . gelato-ey.” Indeed.



Ben & Jerry's - Patbingsu

Commit this name to memory, because it’s sure to impress all who hear it. This Korean delicacy is a sweet ice cream-like dessert topped with fruit and other treats. A perfect word to break out next time your buds invite you over for kimchi.



Ben & Jerry's - Affogato

We’re big – HUGE – fans of this one: coffee poured lovingly over your favorite ice cream flavor. We’ve made them with our Coffee Caramel Fudge Non-Dairy flavor, as well as a special adult version with coffee liqueur. But even in its simplest state, the affogato is a dessert masterpiece.



Ben & Jerry's - Granita

You’ve probably seen a few granita recipes slide through your social media feeds, especially in the summertime. Guess what? It’s basically ice cream. Without the cream. But plenty of ice and sweetness.



Ben & Jerry's - Kulfi

Sometimes known as “Indian ice cream”, kulfi might be the coolest fancy word for ice cream we’ve ever heard. Say it out loud. Kulfi. Kulfi. It doesn’t get old.



Ben & Jerry's - Sorbet

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard this one before, and we’re pretty sure we know where. On the menu at your local Scoop Shop, perchance? Yep, you can thank us for those sweet, refreshing flavors later.



Ben & Jerry's - Spumone

A spumone – plural spumoni – is a tri-layered Italian ice cream cake. We know because we made one one time, and it was three layers of awesome.



Ben & Jerry's  - Semifreddo

Semifreddo isn’t sure if it’s ice cream or mouse or cake. We’re pretty sure it’s mostly ice cream, but we’re a bit biased. Book yourself a plane ticket to Italy and let us know what you think, traveler.



Ben & Jerry's - Sherbet

“Oh, sherbet’s the same as sorbet,” you’re thinking. WRONG. Sorbet is usually not made with dairy, but sherbet more commonly does contain dairy, making it a bit creamier. Now ya know!



You thought that said tortellini, didn’t you? It’s okay, that’s why we’re here to help. Tortoni is a version of ice cream made with heavy cream, minced almonds, and cherries. So, basically a fancier version of Cherry Garcia?