5 Totally Unexpected Ways to Keep Cool With Ice Cream

June 8, 2016

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Ah, summertime. What a fun time of year, right? BBQs, weekend camping trips, family vacations, trips to the beach, hanging out with friends and, of course, all those scorching afternoons when the unrelenting heat makes it feel like you’re standing on the surface of the sun!


Sure, it gets hot in the summer, but don’t worry. We’re an ice cream company—we totally know how to keep you feeling cool. Here are a few little known ways you can use your pints to keep you from melting.

  1. Eat Some Ice Cream!

    Might as well start off with the obvious one. Be honest: does anything feel better on a sweaty day than sitting back and digging into some Pistachio Pistachio? Bet you can already feel the chill on your hands as you reach into your freezer. And that first spoonful against the roof of your mouth? Ahhh, the heat doesn’t stand a chance.

  2. …But Pace Yourself

    If you devour an entire pint at one sitting, it’ll actually wind up making you warmer. Yes, that’s counterintuitive, but trust us: science says it’s true. The best idea is to dive into your pint at various times throughout the day, eating just enough to keep yourself feeling happy and refreshed.

  3. Get Spicy!

    Sometimes hot fudge just isn’t hot enough—you need real heat. Spicy heat. Yes, friends, we’re recommending adding some chili peppers to your pint. The Mayans had a good thing going with their chocolate chili combinations, but you could get adventurous with any flavor. How’s this work? The spice makes you sweat, which actually cools your body down. #spicypint, anyone?

  4. Let Your Body Be Your Guide

    Do you know your body’s pulse points? More importantly, did you know putting a cool pint on your pulse points can cool you down? You’ll know your pulse points because you can feel your pulse; the blood vessels are close to the surface in these places: your head (near your temples), inner thighs, neck, wrists, the insides of your elbows and knees, the tops of your feet, and the insides of your ankles. Grab a cold pint (not freezing, unless you wrap it with a towel or cloth) and voila, let the cooling begin.

  5. Breathe Into Your Pint

    I know, you’re thinking we’re weirdos at this point. But it’s true. For a blast of chilly air right in your face, hold an open pint fresh from the freezer over your mouth and breathe into it. Cold air will come rushing back at you! No joke.

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Now that you’re ready to outsmart the heat, bring on summer and all its fun! Keep frosty, friends. Have your own tips for using ice cream to keep cool? Share them in the comments below!