7 Thoughts Our Fans Had the First Time They Tried Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy

November 30, 2016


Everybody Deserves Dessert Fulfillment

Something was missing, something deep down in your core, an essential thing that, in its absence, made you wonder who you really were, made you question whether the world still had any joy left to give.

We’re talking about euphoria, that feeling you get from every scoop of Ben & Jerry’s — ah, sweet frozen goodness.

Vegans and others who don’t eat dairy, we heard you. That’s why we launched our Non-Dairy flavors—because we all, especially when it comes to dessert, deserve to feel complete and fulfilled.


Like the First Time

We all have treasured moments that we love to replay in our minds. That day you hit a home run to win the game. The weekend you married the love of your life. The birth of your first child. The afternoon when you first saw all our vegan flavors stacked high and proud at your grocery store!

Come back with us to that moment… You opened the freezer door, felt a blast of frigid air, and reached in. Your mind started racing and you knew that nothing would ever be the same…

We’ve been listening to our fans, and it went kind of like this:

1. Doubt

  • Don't get too excited. How good can it possibly be? I've already tried all the bland nut-milk desserts out there, maybe this'll just be more of the same.
  • But it's Ben & Jerry's, so...
  • …Anyway, which flavor should I try first? Chunky Monkey? PB & Cookies? Coffee Caramel Fudge? Chocolate Fudge Brownie? THIS IS SO HARD.
  • Well, I’ve been disappointed so many times, what’s one more time? I’ll just take a couple of pints home. Now that bag of frozen peas in my freezer will have some company!

2. Confusion

  • Wow, it scoops so nicely. This is the real deal.
  • (Do I need a bowl? Nah. Let's cut to the chase.)
  • DAMN, this is awesome! So rich, so creamy. WAIT, maybe I’ve been duped. Better double-check the packaging just to make sure… Yup, no dairy at all here. Hard to believe. Thank you, almond milk!
  • Also: CHUNKS. So many amazing chunks. Crunchy chunks. Fudgy chunks. Can it really be that these chunks are vegan, too? [checking the label.]


3. Euphoria

  • The brownies are ridiculously good. And they’re still baked by Greyston Bakery.
  • Is there some kind of Nobel Prize available for whoever figured out how to veganize those brownies?

4. Guilt

  • OK, so these flavors are vegan AND Fairtrade certified? Looks like there’s nothing to feel guilty about. Which is great, because I’ve almost finished the entire pint.
  • I just finished the entire pint. 
  • [Checking]…. Nope, still no guilt. 

5. But What about the Cows?!

  • Isn’t Ben & Jerry’s all about cows? Seriously, doesn’t every pint have a cow on it?
  • …not this one! They’re not kidding about this. 


6. How Can I Eat This All the Time?

  • A lot of people have bananas and nuts for breakfast. That makes Chunky Monkey legit before 10 a.m., right?
  • Wait—they have this stuff in Scoop Shops?!? That means I can go to the Scoop Shop with my friends again! [You start texting your friends immediately and incessantly.]
  • Non-Dairy birthday cake, please. Happy birthday to ME.
  • Movie nights just got a whole lot tastier. No more munching on dates while my date digs into a pint of Chocolate Fudge Brownie.
  • This is going to be the thing I look forward to—fantasize about—when I'm sitting at a restaurant with my friends, looking at a menu of things I can't eat. One green salad, please, and I'll hit the P.B. & Cookies  when I get home (if there’s any left…).
  • Hmmm. Coffee Caramel Fudge. Time to open another pint?
  • Oh, I'm bringing this to all my holiday dinner parties! A scoop of PB & Cookies ought to liven up Aunt Edna’s fruit cake. 
  • I think it’s time to head back out to the store!

7. What's Next?

[Fast forward two days]

  • Alright, Ben & Jerry’s, you’ve brought fulfillment to my dessert life.
  • Now, what flavors are you making next? 


And we say: Stay tuned, friends! To hear about new Non-Dairy flavors before anyone else does, sign up below: