What to Name Your Baby if You LOVE Ben & Jerry’s

October 20, 2016

Baby with a pint of Cinnamon Buns

Good Things Come in Pint-Sized Packages

If you love ice cream the way that we do, you think about it all the time. You see ice cream connections everywhere: Personalities, trivia, voting, jobs, fortune-telling, love. So it’s only natural that in that monumental and miraculous life-defining moment when you become a parent … you think of ice cream. Why shouldn’t you combine the two greatest loves of your life: the child for which you give up every waking hour … and ice cream?

We know that naming your bundle of joy is akin to the mammoth responsibility we face every time we name a new flavor. So fans and friends, we want to help you with a little ice-cream inspired inspiration.



Prefer your ice cream without the … cream? If you love almond-milk vegan Non-Dairy instead, then you’re probably nuts about almonds. And nuts about your little girl. So let’s combine the two. We think the nickname potential is strong on this one.



Let’s be honest: bakers make people happy. In our case, our fudgy brownies come from Greyston Bakery in Yonkers, NY, where they bake brownies for the greater good. Why not name your little bundle of joy after a role that’s essential to dessert happiness everywhere?



Coffee beans, vanilla beans, cocoa beans… yes, your newborn will be in tasty, cute company with this name. Not willing to put that on a birth certificate? Well at least consider it as a nickname.



Love cherries? We can’t think of a snappier name that pays tribute to delicious ice cream and great old radio tunes. Win-win if you ask us. 



Sure, the comic strip has been running since 1930. But you can find all the inspiration you need righthere.



Adding candy to ice cream? Pure genius! Just like naming your baby after your (second) favorite sweet treat.



If we know our fans, we know there are some pretty hard core caramel fans out there. This one goes out to you!



We’re going to lean right into this naming thing, knowing that true fans of Cherry Garcia might leap at the opportunity to have a constant reminder running around their houses.



A little retro, definitely spunky and adorable, your little Chip can be the junior version to the chunks that make our ice cream just so ridiculously good.



Does your little gal have a bold, sweet & sassy side of her? And do you buy up Cinnamon Buns in bulk whenever you can find it? Then we have just the name for you.



Calling all chocoholics! It’s “cocoa” without the “a”—but, you know, it could also be short for “coconut” or high-end fashion, so it’s really impossible to go wrong.



Is any explanation really necessary?



Graham is a solid, time-tested name that has recently increased in popularity. Could that have anything to do with us?



A beautiful classic name that can also pay tribute to your undying affection for Hazelnut swirls, cores, and chunks.



What’s sweeter than this name? Not much! A honey swirl adds just the right touch to sophisticated flavors … and families.



Some people prefer this name for their dogs, but who are we to say that your love for peanut butter shouldn’t translate into a cute name for your baby.



Right, right, you might not want this one on your little one’s social security card, but we can guarantee it’s going to pop out of your mouth while you’re squeezing those chubby little fingers! Or while you’re diving into a pint of this deliciousness.



We feel like your kid will be completely rad with a name like Raz, and definitely will make waves on the playground. What’s more? It’s code for your love of raspberry swirls.



Sure, Toffee may not be the most common baby name out there. But you’re a Ben & Jerry’s fan! Do you want common, or do you want outstanding?!



You can channel your love for coffee in oh so many ways, but none says it quite as well as strongly as naming your baby Mocha.


Ben and Jerry

Packing double? We just might have a suggestion for your two little dynamos. Want to step away from a classic? Consider Benita and Jerry, Ben and Geri, or Benji and Jerry.


Have you heard any wonderfully dessert-inspired names? Share them with us in the comments below!