What Flavors Are The Most Popular Where You Live?

July 28, 2016

We don’t just make ice cream in Vermont. We also study it. The Ben & Jerry’s data scientists are masters of flavornomics. They read the ice cream landscape like we breathe the air, and through their hard work we’ve been able to identify the favorite flavors across this great nation of ours. Check out the map below to see what rises to the top where you live:

Us map with results

As you can see, there are lots of similarities when it comes to this country’s love of Ben & Jerry’s. All nine regions we examined held an affinity for Half Baked and the Tonight Dough, and Cherry Garcia showed up in seven of nine. The outlier? Chocolate Fudge Brownie knocked Cherry Garcia off the perch twice.


What Does It All Mean?

Great question. GREAT question. Even though we see the same flavors showing up over and over, the order they’re loved varies from place to place. A deeper dive into how the flavors stack up reveals some valuable insight into the regions that love them.

New England

New Englanders are the Ben & Jerry’s OGs, so it’s no surprise that Cherry Garcia, our most classic flavor, reigns supreme. Although we were surprised Phish Food didn't make the grade, what with its namesake band being from Vermont.


We thought New York Super Fudge Chunk® would make a showing in its home state, but boy were we wrong. Guess it’s hard to play favorites when you’re staring down a cone filled with the fudge brownies and chocolate chip cookie dough of Half Baked.

South Atlantic

Have you ever experienced summer south of the Mason Dixon? That humidity can knock you back! We guess that’s why they opt for the frozen cherries of Cherry Garcia. They really cool you down.

Northeast Central

This is where The Tonight Dough is king. We thought it had something to do with Lake Michigan, but our research didn’t uncover a single link between the lake and peanut butter cookie dough. It’s possible there is none. We’ll keep looking just in case.

Northwest Central

The Tonight Dough, then Half Baked, followed by Cherry Garcia. The exact same ordering as East North Central. Please remember this ice cream harmony the next time someone tells you the East-West feud is alive and well.

Southeast Central & Southwest Central

The outliers! These two regions were the only ones willing to stand up and say, “Hey! What about Chocolate Fudge Brownie?” It’s certainly a valid question. What about it?


We were sure S'mores would be the big winner in the Rockies, what with all the hiking and camping going on. But alas, mountain staters love the classics.


Garcia Baked Tonight. A hidden message about Jerry’s days in San Francisco, or us picking single words from the first, second and third most beloved flavors from the region? A mystery that may never be solved.


The science that we used here was pretty scientific. But was it right? You tell us! Share your favorite flavor in the comments so we can see how our research lines up with reality!