What Flavor Perfectly Describes Your Summer?

August 23, 2016

Pair Your Summer With a Pint

Summer is all about good food, doing the things you like best and hanging with your sidekick…or maybe that’s your side-pint, if we’re talking Ben & Jerry’s flavors. Tell us what you like to do, and we bet we can find the Thelma to your Louise; the Watson to your Sherlock; the Samwise to your Frodo — based on your favorite way to spend a summer day.

So go on, tell us – how are you spending your summer?

  • Stoked for a Surf-ari

    Laid-back attitude, bleach-blonde highlights, caramel-colored tan — yep, you’re a surfer. You’re getting a little crusty around the edges from all of that saltwater, but at heart, you’re as sweet as can be. Hmmm… salty and sweet, with some blondie highlights and an ooey-gooey core? Salted Caramel Core is the Ben & Jerry’s flavor for you, dude.

  • Up at Bat With the Bases Loaded

    Swing, batta-batta: it’s a guaranteed homerun when you’ve got Cake Batter in the freezer for after the game. This classic combo of yellow cake-batter ice cream swirled through with chocolate frosting is just like you: good-natured, well-proportioned and as all-American as it gets.

  • Avoiding Your To-Do List

    Rumor has it that the sloths are starting to feel threatened by the glacial pace you’ve adopted this summer. But perhaps you can bribe them to get to a Scoop Shop for a few hand-packed pints of Tubby Hubby? It’s got you written allllll over it, and we’re pretty sure the sloths are gonna get there before you are…

  • Wishing it Would Snow

    We know, we know. It’s hot enough to wilt a cactus out there, and frankly, you’d rather be skiing. Chill out and dream of apple pies, snowball fights, and mulled cider with a pint of Cinnamon Buns clenched in your sweaty palm. We’ve got a soft spot in our Vermont hearts for you, you winter-lover. So we’ve got your back.

  • Sunbathing

    We think it's safe to say that your spirit flavor this summer is Half Baked (although you may have passed the half mark a couple of sunburns ago). Time for some shade, SPF, a pint, and a spoon. There's nothing cooler than that, sun worshipper.

  • Knitting Sweaters for Greyhounds

    We didn’t even know this was a thing, but your granny would be proud—you’re knitting it out of the park! We applaud your efforts to de-frost those frozen puppy dogs with the most throwback patterns we’ve ever seen, and raise you a pint of Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch in return. You know, to keep you awake through all your important projects.

  • Canvassing for Candidates

    Your messenger bag is covered in activist buttons and your Facebook feed is full of worthy opinion pieces. You believe wholeheartedly in the power of democracy, and so do we — which is why we’re casting a vote for the new Empower Mint, (and think you should, too).

  • It’s All Gravy at Music Festivals

    Cherry Garcia is a Ben & Jerry’s classic (in ice-cream years, it’s ancient!) — and proof-positive that aging hippies and rock stars have still got it goin’ on. So this one’s for you, wookie. Dance your noodle dance like no one’s watching, and have a good show!

  • Snipe Hunting

    If you find yourself out in the middle of the woods banging two sticks together and rustling a paper bag, congratulations: you’ve been had. Now grab a spoon and dig into some Hazed & Confused Core. Better luck next time, snipe hunter.

  • Growing Kale and Tomatoes

    You know that peace, love, and ice cream make the world go ’round — but fruits and veggies help keep it turning. Brush that soil off your hands and get your hands on a perfect combo:  A Swirled of Difference — peanut butter for protein and raspberry swirl for vitamin C = a win/win, right?

  • Sweating Profusely

    Clearly, your pint is Schweddy B…oh wait. That flavor’s been ballin’ in the Flavor Graveyard since 2011. So the only way you’re gonna be able to join your ice-cream soulmate is by dying and going to heaven. Based on the profuseness of your sweat, you might actually stand a chance of achieving that goal though, so hang in there!