What Ben & Jerry’s Chunk Are You?

August 10, 2016

Ben & Jerry's What chunk are you?

Do you love chunks? Well, that’s an easy question. OF COURSE YOU DO. But let’s dig into this pint a little bit deeper: Today, friends, it’s time to be the chunk.

Or, to put it another way, what chunk are you? Scroll down to match your personality type with your inner chunk-ness and become one with the chunk-iverse.


  • I Am Adventurous

    You tend to swim against the tide, just like the fudgy fishies in Phish Food.

  • I Am Loyal

    Like the hunks of brownie in Chocolate Fudge Brownie, you will always be there for those you love the most.

  • I Am Edgy

    Your humor tends to have a bit of a bite. Which is why those crunchy fudge-covered waffle chunks in AmeriCone Dream are perfect for you.

  • I Am Nutty

    Has anyone ever described you as “different” or… “off the deep end”? Well dive into Chunky Monkey for your soul-chunk, the walnut.

  • I Am Exotic

    You take it, whatever “it” is, to a whole new level, which was our approach to Pistachio Pistachio, by the way. It’s all you, pistachio.

  • I Am Big and Bossy

    We know you mean well, but sometimes you just can’t help going big and loud, like the mega-size fudge chunks in New York Super Fudge Chunk.

  • I Am Optimistic

    You’re the type of person who makes every situation better: basically, you’re the cherry on top. So grab some Cherry Garcia for the chunk that suits you best.

  • I Am Passionate

    When you love something, you really really love it, sort of the way we love all those sinfully rich hunks of cinnamon bun dough in Cinnamon Buns.

  • I Am Demanding

    Both ways is the only way you want it. Why decide when you can have peanut butter AND chocolate in those Peanut Butter Cup chunks?

  • I Am Offbeat

    Doing stuff just like everybody else isn’t your thing. Sure, brownies are great, but for you, it just has to be the blonde brownie chunks in Blondie Ambition.

  • I Am Happy

    Strawberries, like the kinds packed into Strawberry Cheesecake, make pretty much everyone happy. Which is why they’re perfect for you.

Love the chunk you are? Share this with your friends to see how they stack up.