If Your Mom Were a Ben & Jerry’s Flavor, What Flavor Would She Be?

May 3, 2016

The world with a mom's banner across it

No doubt about it, Mother’s Day is one of our favorite holidays. Mom’s the best, and her special day is coming soon… so the big question is, what are you going to do to celebrate?

Of course, all moms are different. Some like to have breakfast in bed. Some prefer to be taken out to dinner. Other moms are okay with a nice card. Then there are those who want to know what kind of Ben & Jerry’s flavor they are. Well, to them we say, you’re in luck! Here’s what flavor your mom is at heart:

  • Mother Nature Mom

    She loves the outdoors, protecting the environment, composting, and recycling. She even made you reuse the same brown bag for your lunch for a month when you were a kid. It’s a little bit weird when she tries to rescue the fudge fish in Phish Food, but you find it endearing. It is her spirit flavor after all.

  • Don't-Mind-Me Mom

    She claims that she doesn’t need you to fuss over her; for breakfast “any old thing will do, don’t go out of your way.” When asked if the guest room was comfortable, she says “Oh, you know me, I can sleep anywhere.” But you know what she really loves, which is why you always keep a few pints of Chocolate Therapy in the freezer for her when she visits.

  • Musical Mom

    She was so excited when you took saxophone lessons as a kid, but got kind of bummed when you decided that soccer was more your thing. She has a great vinyl collection and can usually be found at a show on Friday nights. This mom loves long Cherry Garcia solos, even when they’re a whole pint long.

  • Scheduler Mom

    She has every day planned down to the minute. She still knows your life better than you do, and got you and your sister to practices, events, recitals, games all over town week in and week out without breaking a sweat. But this mom needs a Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz powerboost every afternoon. Who can blame her?

  • Teachable Moment Mom

    This mom turns everything into a teachable moment, even now that you’re all grown up. Upset that you didn’t get that job? Mom’s here to show you the best ways to handle disappointment. She’s one smart cookie, and she knows that Milk & Cookies will always help. 

  • Healthy Living Mom

    She always shops organic, scrutinizes ingredients, and loves to read about the farmers at farm-to-table restaurants. She grows four kinds of tomatoes every summer, and checks up on you to make sure you’re eating right. This mom can’t get enough of Ben & Jerry’s Fairtrade goodness and thinks Blueberry Vanilla Graham Greek Frozen Yogurt is just about as good as it gets.

  • Rah-Rah Mom

    She always cheered the loudest from the stands at your games. She loves bragging about you to her friends, and is always the first to “like” your posts on Facebook. She can’t help but casually mention something about your latest accomplishment to her book group. You’re living the dream, so sometimes she’ll share her Americone Dream with you. 

  • Ice Cream Lover Mom

    She has at least five pints in the freezer whenever you visit. She proudly displays her special collection of ice cream scoops and spoons. She even calls excitedly whenever she hears that Ben & Jerry’s is launching a new flavor. She loves ‘yo momma’ jokes, like, “Yo momma's so sweet, Ben & Jerry's should name a flavor after her." She thinks you should get her some Coconuts for Caramel Core for Mother’s Day, because she hasn’t tried that one yet.