6 Ben & Jerry’s Flavors that Will Help You Beat the January Blues

January 13, 2017


A Heart drawn in ice cream

The Holiday Season

Sparkling lights, shiny wrapped presents, friends and family filling the house with good cheer and good conversation. That’s the holidays. All those parties and events and decorations and festive ugly sweaters, they fill you with excitement and anticipation, like the feeling you have when you’re staring at an unopened pint of Ben & Jerry’s. You just know it’s going to be good.


…And then, January

You also know, somewhere deep in your soul, that every fresh pint will eventually be an empty pint. Just like you know that the holidays won’t last forever. The decorations come down, the ugly sweaters are pushed deep into the dark corners of your dresser, and the bills for all those wonderful presents you bought start arriving in the mail.

It’s really cold out. The days are short. There’s no eggnog in the fridge.

The word for this feeling is “January.”


Blue Monday?

No, Blue Monday is not actually a thing. But there is some common sense behind the pseudoscience: while no specific day has actually been proven to be the most depressing, it’s easy to see why some people start to feel down this time of year.

That’s where we come in. Remember that pint from earlier? Well, what if we told you that ice cream could help turn your January frown upside down? Let’s see what science has to say about flavors that will make you happy.


Chocolate Therapy

chocolate ice cream cone

You don’t need an advanced degree to understand that chocolate is amazing. But researchers (with advanced degrees) have determined that there’s more to chocolate than deliciousness. On top of its many other benefits, chocolate can also reduce stress, which should help when you get your next Visa bill. In other words, have a pint of Chocolate Therapy ready at all times. 


Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz

coffee pot with Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz in it

Many of us can’t start our days without a cup or three of coffee. Our advice? If you’re a coffee consumer, keep at it. If not, you may want to start, because caffeine intake has been linked to a lower risk of depression. Just one more reason why we use Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz to fight the January blues.


Chunky Monkey

Banana's and a pint of Chunky Monkey

We are 100% pro-banana. Always have been, always will be. Especially now that we know how bananas not only pack a power-blast of potassium but also might help fight depression. Perhaps Chunky Monkey and Banana Split will make more than just your taste buds happy.


New York Super Fudge Chunk

Chunks of goodies with a pint Ben & Jerry's

Up here in the North Country, night comes early this time of year. Dark skies at 4pm can make even the brightest brains feel a bit murky. Thank goodness, then, for walnuts, which have been shown to improve brain function. Walnuts: just one of the reasons why digging into New York Super Fudge Chunk is always one of the smartest things you can do.


Strawberry Cheesecake

A pint of Strawberry Cheesecake

It’s been found that certain berries, like blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, may help stabilize our moods and reduce depression. Seems to us that there’s also something rather cheery (is it the scent? or the color?) about enjoying a pint of, say, Strawberry Cheesecake in the dead of winter. Berries make us happy.


Your Choice!

When it’s been cold and snowy for days and weeks on end, it can be hard to remember what summer even looked or felt like. Luckily for you, studies have found that eggs can help improve memory and cognitive function. So start scooping any of our regular (non-Non-Dairy) flavors and perhaps, despite the chill of the ice cream and the cold winds outside, visions of long summer days will fill your head.

No, we’re not doctors and, okay, yes, eating ice cream makes us happy any and every time of the year. Are we biased in favor of ice-cream-related solutions to almost every problem? Definitely. But we think every little bit of advice helps during these trying January times. We hope you’ll share some of your favorite happy-making flavors in the comments below!