3 Ben & Jerry’s Brunch Recipes That Will Make Your Weekend

April 20, 2017

Brunch That Packs a Punch

We know the deal: it’s been a long week, and you’re ready to slide into the weekend with a pint of The Tonight Dough in one hand and a remote control in the other. We can’t blame you — that’s how we roll, too. And when Sunday morning comes around, we’re usually not quite ready to let go of that pint.

So, sometimes we just . . . don’t.

Instead, we’ve been experimenting with some pretty innovative ways to incorporate our favorite flavors into our brunch plans. We’re talking the cutting edge of brunch-ology here, folks. And our efforts have paid off. We could not be more excited about these three Ben & Jerry’s brunch recipes. Perfect for a crowd . . . or a crowd of one:

  1. Oat of this Swirled Pancake Brunch Tacos

    We can all agree that tacos are a perfect food, right? They’re handheld, have infinite customization possibilities, and nobody bats an eye if you down ten of ’em. All the more reason to make Pancake Brunch Tacos filled with Oat of this Swirled part of your brunch plans. Plus, they’re so Instagrammable you’ll have to jockey with your pals for the best camera angle before those scoops melt. Recipe here >>


  2. Urban Bourbon Freak Coffee

    There isn’t much that gets us out of bed on a lazy weekend morning. (Seriously, unless you have ice cream, we’re not moving before noon.) But we’ll rise happily for one of these: iced coffee with bourbon, Urban Bourbon, and more tasty garnishes than you can shake a straw at. When mini-doughnuts and ice cream are in the equation, the answer is always yes. Recipe here >>

  3. Truffle Kerfuffle French Toast Cups

    Remember earlier when we all agreed that foods that are handheld and customizable are the best? Truffle Kerfuffle French Toast Cups are here to prove that theory correct. They’re everything you love about French toast — plus ice cream and fun garnishes — all in one scoop-sized package. Brunch just got real, friends. Recipe here >>

How do you like to enjoy Ben & Jerry’s for brunch? Does ice cream get you out of bed on lazy weekend mornings? Let us know in the comments below!