Top 10 Most Underrated Ben & Jerry’s Flavors

April 13, 2018

We know everybody has their favorites when it comes to Ben & Jerry’s flavors — Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Half Baked, Strawberry Cheesecake. But what about all those other flavors in the grocery store freezer? What about those weird ones that look interesting, but that you’ve never dared to try?

Trust us, there are some woefully underrated flavors in there. Some totally delicious, totally euphoric treats that definitely deserve your attention. Like these 10:

  1. Cinnamon Buns

    We. Love. Cinnamon Buns. This flavor is an employee favorite, and we can’t believe that so many of our fans haven’t tried it. Trust us, you can’t go wrong with caramel ice cream with cinnamon bun dough and a cinnamon streusel swirl.

  2. Mint Chocolate Cookie

    Every mint lover needs to try this flavor. No exceptions. It’s sweetly refreshing, and those chocolate sandwich cookies give you just the right amount of satisfying crunch.

  3. Bourbon Pecan Pie

    Unless you’re a lucky Texan, this one might require a road trip. Only available in the Lone Star State, Bourbon Pecan Pie has Texas-sized flavor and an attitude to match.

  4. Coconut Seven Layer Bar

    Remember seven layer bars from every elementary school bake sale? We sure do, and that’s why we made an ice cream flavor to capture that coconutty magic. Available in a Scoop Shop near you, and in our Non-Dairy line!

  5. Banana Split

    If you’re a lover of banana flavors like Chunky Monkey, Banana Split will rock your world. It’s everything you’d expect in a banana split, but all in ice cream form. 

  6. Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core

    Don’t be scared of the funny name, there’s nothing but awesome in this pint. Like that core made of speculoos cookie butter, a spreadable version of the classic Belgian spice cookies.

  7. Red Velvet Cake

    Red velvet cake ice cream, red velvet cake pieces, and — the most important part of any red velvet cake — a cream cheese frosting swirl. Need we say more?

  8. Vanilla

    Wait, Vanilla? Why would anybody choose something so, well, vanilla when there are chunks and swirls to be had!? Because this is no boring vanilla. This is 5-star consumer rated vanilla that might just be the creamiest, dreamiest in the whole freezer. 

  9. Butter Pecan

    Enjoy this buttery, nutty delight at your nearest Scoop Shop! May we suggest trying it scooped into a fresh waffle cone? Those roasted pecans love being cuddled by warm waffle cone.

  10. Cheesecake Brownie

    We love cheesecake, and we love brownies. So, what could possibly be wrong with Cheesecake Brownie? Nothing, literally nothing, that’s what.

What are your favorite underrated Ben & Jerry's flavors? Let us know in the comments below!