What Non-Dairy Flavor Should We Make Next?

March 29, 2018

Three pints of Non Dairy Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Calling All Non-Dairy Lovers!

We know you love our exciting Non-Dairy flavors, from the sumptuous peanut butter swirls in PB & Cookies to the coconutty cacophony of Coconut Seven Layer Bar. You’ve rocked out to Cherry Garcia and dived into the deep, dark depths of Chocolate Fudge Brownie and loved every minute of it.

But, what’s next? What flavor adventure should be the newest to grace the shelves of the Non-Dairy section?

This is where you come in. We want to know what Non-Dairy flavors would tickle your taste buds and send you swirling into a frenzy of vegan deliciousness. Put your creativity hat on, and let us know in the form below!