Our 12 Favorite Music-Inspired Pints

May 11, 2018

Music has been a big part of everything we’ve done from the very beginning (did you know we had a piano at our original Scoop Shop?), so it’s no surprise that we’ve created a bunch of music-inspired flavors over the years. Put on some sweet tunes, grab a spoon, and enjoy this list of our greatest, and most delicious, hits.

  1. Cherry Garcia

    Ever since its release in 1987, this groovy flavor, named after the Grateful Dead guitar legend, has stayed right at the top of the charts.

  2. Phish Food

    Like Ben & Jerry’s, Phish is straight outta Vermont. What better way to honor our friends, and their legions of fans, than with their own swirling, whirling flavor?

  3. One Love

    Let’s get together and… eat One Love. This joyful flavor honors the legen-dairy Bob Marley and supports the One Love Youth Camp in Jamaica.

  4. If I Had 1,000,000 Flavors

    We partnered with Canadian pop legends Barenaked Ladies to concoct a multi-flavored Canuck confection that also supports adult literacy in Canada.

  5. Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies

    Unlike one of the band’s signature jams, this flavor eventually had to come to an end. But fans still continue to pay their respects.

  6. Willie Nelson’s Country Peach Cobbler

    We’ve got a lot in common with Willie Nelson. We both love to travel by bus/cowmobile. We both support important causes. And peach cobbler is always on our mind…

  7. Bohemian Raspberry

    Was this just fantasy? No way! Bohemian Raspberry was very real, and it hit all the high notes while celebrating Queen, mega-rock royalty.

  8. Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road

    What do you do when a knight plays his first-ever Vermont concert? Name a flavor after him, of course! Hello, Elton John, and hello Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road.

  9. Bonnaroo Buzz

    Can you fit a whole music festival into a pint? Yup! We captured all the Tennessee festival’s sounds, sights, and flavors with Bonnaroo Coffee Caramel Buzz.

  10. Imagine Whirled Peace

    John Lennon was all about peace and love and we’re all about peace, love, and ice cream, so Imagine Whirled Peace was basically a perfect match.

  11. Glastonberry

    Glastonbury is five huge days of music, arts, and performance in the UK. Glastonberry was vanilla ice cream with fudge brownies and raspberry swirls. Which would you choose?

  12. Freezer Reprise

    We were so excited for Phish’s 13-night run at Madison Square Garden last year that we made a brand-new flavor. With donuts! Now that’s what good music tastes like.