10 Great Reasons to Join a Rise For Climate Event Near You

September 5, 2018


Yes, the temperatures are rising—and it’s time for us to rise too. Join us on September 8 for Rise For Climate, a day of global grassroots action. There will be thousands of events in towns and cities all over the world, which means there will be thousands of chances to turn the heat up on our leaders and demand that they commit to building a fossil-fuel-free world that puts people and justice before profits.

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The movement for a fast and fair transition to a 100% renewable-energy future is building and we’re feeling more energized than ever—BUT... a lot of politicians keep dragging their feet. Looks like it’s up to us to make it happen. At Rise For Climate, we’ll be joining frontline activists, community leaders, and regular people everywhere to push them to adopt the goals set in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Think of September 8 as a global party for the planet. Need more convincing? Here are 10 great reasons to join a Rise For Climate event near you

  1. The Global Action Climate Summit is happening September 12-14

    Leaders from around the world will be meeting at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco to celebrate advances and victories—and to figure how to address the challenges that remain. Let’s show them how much support there is for a carbon-free future!

  2. It’s getting really, really hot

    These facts should get your blood boiling (and your feet moving):

    * The 5 warmest years ever recorded have been in the 2010s.

    * The 10 warmest years have come since 1998.

    * The 20 warmest years? All since 1995.

  3. The climate movement is growing

    Over the last few years, as awareness of the climate crisis has spread, millions of people have responded. All that positive (and 100% renewable) energy has fueled dozens of rallies and events. Here and here and here and here and … the list goes on! It’s up to us to maintain the momentum.

  4. Making signs is fun!

    Sure, it’s nice to save the world. But, bonus!, it’s also super-fun to make signs! So get out your fattest, funnest markers and have at it. Go big, go bold. And make sure they’re ‘gram-worthy. It’s all about the feed, people. 

  5. The politicians would rather we all stay home

    Too many of our leaders wish this issue would just go away so that they can collect their dirty coal money in peace. All the more reason to make some noise!

  6. The Arctic is on fire

    The ARCTICS IS ON FIRE. Sorry for the all caps, but… the Arctic is on fire. We thought that was about the worse Arctic news we’d heard in a while, but then we read how the oldest, strongest Arctic sea ice is melting, for the first time on record. So. 

  7. The fossil-fuel era is over

    Which is true, but some people, including most of the members of the Trump administration, don’t understand that yet. How far are they willing to go to protect the dirty-fuel industries? Well, the EPA recently released new coal-friendly rules. The fineprint? They’ll lead to 1400 additional deaths a year. The real question, then, is how far we’re willing to go to stop them.

  8. Renewables are on the rise

    The good news is that renewable energy use and production are on the rise throughout the world. Did you know that there are more than 100 cities worldwide powered primarily by renewable energy? Coal is dead, no matter what rules the EPA draws up. 

  9. The people want action

    A majority of Americans wants the government to take action on climate change. A majority of people across the globe supports limiting carbon emissions to fight climate change. When we gather on September 8, we represent a global consensus. We speak as one. 

  10. It’s about so much more than the climate

    It’s about justice. It’s about health. It’s about equity. It’s about the environment. It’s about the kind of world we want to live in. It’s about the future. It’s about showing our leaders that enough is enough. The time to act is right now. 

Join Rise For Climate!
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We have the numbers, we have the energy, we have the truth, and we have the power. On September 8, let’s take the future into our own hands. Join us and rise up for the climate.