8 Awesomest Things At The Ben & Jerry’s Offices

October 11, 2019

Brag alert! We’re not usually into bragging, but we’re going to do it just a little bit, just for a sec, to show off how wildly awesome our headquarters are. People are always asking us, “Do you really have a slide at your offices?” or “Wait, you get 3 pints of ice cream per day for free?!” The rumors are true, folks, it’s all fun and games here.

  • 1. Slip Slidin’ Away

    Yup, it’s true. Whenever we feel like taking a step away from taste-testing new ice cream flavors and goofing around with cookie dough, we like to take a ride down the slide.

  • 2. World’s Coolest Ice Cream “Truck”

    We’ve been talking nonstop about climate change ever since we heard that some of our favorite ice cream ingredients could be threatened by rising temperatures. So back in 2015, we converted a Tesla Model S to the world’s coolest ice cream delivery vehicle and went on tour all over the country.

  • 3. Pints As Far As The Eye Can See

    Yup, it’s true: Ben & Jerry’s employees can take home up to 3 pints of the good stuff every day. So our freezers at home look almost exactly like this.

  • 4. Scoop U

    Does this look like your local Scoop Shop? It should, because this is our in-office Scoop Shop, where Ben & Jerry’s scoopers from all over the world come to learn the ways of the scoop. Oh, and guess who gets to eat all their test scoops? Us, it’s us.

  • 5. Wave Your Flag

    We aren’t shy about our values, and we wave our Pride and Black Lives Matter flags proudly for all our visitors to see.

  • 6. The K9-5ers

    Dogs, pups, floofers, woofers — whatever you want to call our four-legged friends, our offices are full of them! Around every corner is a new friend ready for a pet. Who’s a good boy?

  • 7. Test, Test

    If we’re ever looking for a snack, it’s a safe bet that we can stop by the test kitchen and see what the Flavor Gurus are whipping up that day. We’re never disappointed.

  • 8. A Hefty Heifer

    Visitors are greeted by this life-sized cow in our lobby, wearing a jaunty top hat. Classy, yes?