7 New Year’s Resolutions that Don’t Involve Giving Up Ice Cream

January 2, 2020

Pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream on a desk with computer, notebook, pencil.

At Ben & Jerry’s, we know all about making New Year’s resolutions… and we know all about breaking them. (C’mon, you have to admit that breaking them can be pretty fun!)

No surprise, most of our resolutions around here involve ice cream. But since 2020 is a big election year, we thought we’d switch things up.

The good news is that you should definitely keep eating all the ice cream you want. The even better news is that if we all follow these seven resolutions, then 2020 could be a pretty amazing year.


  1. Register To Vote

    Every four years we have a presidential election, which is a huge deal. We know that November 2020 seems a long way off, but if you want your voice to be heard—and let’s be clear, we need everybody’s voice to be heard—then you have to register to vote. And the best time to do that is right now. Not sure if you’re registered? You can find out here.

  2. Know Where To Vote

    If the place you go to vote (your local elementary school, a church basement, etc.) has been the same year after year, this might be an easy resolution to cross off your list. Even so, it’s good to double check, because sometimes locations do change. Double checking is easy too! The important thing is to find out exactly where to go before Election Day rolls around.

  3. Know How To Vote

    Of course, these days showing up at your polling place on Election Day isn’t the only way to cast a vote. Different states have different options: You could vote early. You could vote by mail. It’s a good idea to learn which options are available where you live. One more thing: Many states have passed voter ID laws. This is a good place to start investigating what your state’s requirements might be.

  4. Know Who And What You’re Voting For

    You’ve got the basics all squared away now. You’re registered, you know where your polling place is. Great. Next thing on your list should be educating yourself on the candidates and the issues facing your local community and the country. Is there anybody on the ballot who shares your values and who will help make the world a better place? And remember, local races often don’t get a lot of attention, but they have a big impact on your life. The more we know, the better we’ll be able to make a smart choice on Election Day.

  5. Get Out There And Rally For The Cause

    Voting is just one part—a very important part!—of being an engaged citizen. Whatever your values and priorities, make sure you stay active before AND after Election Day. Participate in rallies for your favorite candidate. Write letters and make phone calls. Make your own sign for the next big march that supports a cause you believe in. Talk to family, friends, and neighbors and encourage them to get involved too—and make sure they vote! Volunteer to drive people to the polls on Election Day. There are so many fun and fulfilling ways to get involved.

  6. Take A Break

    All of this work is important, but it’s just as important to take a break every once in a while and get re-energized. Take a walk, let your mind wander, unglue your eyes from your screens, and find some time to relax. Changing the world is hard work, and if we don’t carve out some downtime for ourselves (and maybe indulge in some Chocolate Therapy?), we won’t be at our best.

  7. Keep The Pressure On

    Now that you’re relaxed, it’s time to face reality: Our job isn’t done when the votes are cast and counted. We’ve got to hold our leaders accountable. What did they promise, and what are they actually doing? They work for us, remember! So take some time each month to write to your congressperson or local state representative. Show up at town hall meetings. Make sure they know that we’re all still on the job—that we’re watching and we care.

Here’s to a fantastic and transformative 2020!