10 New Year’s Resolutions
For the Ice Cream Flavor Fanatic

December 18, 2020

Streamers, Pints of Ben & Jerry's and champagne glass

According to our calculations, 2021 is finally here. Welcome! 2020 was a weird and wild ride, and we can’t wait to see what this year holds.

We’ve made New Year’s resolutions in the past, but this year we wanted to help you with your resolutions. Right alongside starting a workout routine, finally finishing that novel, and calling Grandma once a week, here are a few New Year’s resolutions for the ice cream flavor fanatic in you:

  1. Dig Into 12 New Flavors

    We know how easy it is to always reach for your favorites when you’re choosing your next Ben & Jerry’s pint. This year, take your spoon on a new flavor adventure every month. Never tried Pistachio, Pistachio or Chunky Monkey? Give ‘em a whirl!

  2. Always Keep a Pint On Hand

    It’s late and you’re relaxing on the couch when you feel the familiar pang of an ice cream craving. You locate your bowl and spoon. You prepare yourself for ice cream perfection. You open the freezer door. “Nooooo!” you lament, the freezer is void of all sweet treats. Not this year, though, not this year.

  3. Add Ice Cream to Your Ingredient List

    By now you probably know about all the amazing desserts (and breakfasts) you can craft from a pint or two of Ben & Jerry’s. But what about other meals? Could ice cream make a starring appearance at dinner? Could it find its way into a casserole? Push the boundaries of ice cream cooking this year and make 2021 your sweetest yet.

  4. Plan an Ice Cream Pilgrimage

    Just like baseball has the Baseball Hall of Fame and music has the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, ice cream, too, has its pilgrimage site: the Ben & Jerry’s Factory and Visitor Center in Waterbury, VT. Start planning your trip to see how we craft each pint with precision and care, and mourn your favorite de-pinted flavors in the Flavor Graveyard.

  5. Recruit a Fanatical Friend

    Since ice cream is a big part of your life, we hope you’re not enjoying it alone. Recruit your wildest, most passionate friend to join you in your ice cream endeavors. Trek to your local Scoop Shop for milkshakes. Compete to see who can make the craziest sundae or see who’s tried the most flavors.

  6. Suggest Your Dream Flavor

    After all the Ben & Jerry’s you’ve enjoyed over the years, surely 2021 is the year you’re ready to create one of your own. Do you dream of blueberry ice cream with a brownie batter swirl and marshmallow chunks? Pitch it to our Flavor Gurus! Here’s how.

  7. Get Crafty With Your Pints

    With all the Ben & Jerry’s pints you’re going to be emptying this year, you’ll have an opportunity to make some truly unique crafts. Turn an empty (and clean) pint into a tissue holder. Use one to hold pens. Collect a few dozen lids to make a wall hanging. These are our favorite ways to upcycle empty pints.

  8. Spread the Love

    Ice cream is about pure, unadulterated joy. And what better way to enjoy joy than to spread it around? This year, resolve to bring a pint of Chocolate Fudge Brownie to your kind neighbor. Or that quiet guy at work. Or your mom. (Definitely your mom.) And remember all the love you’re spreading just by enjoying ice cream from a company that cares about so much more than the bottom line.

  9. Organize Sundae Sundays

    What better way to keep in touch with friends and family than organizing Sundae Sundays? Everybody makes their wildest, most experimental sundae and you share the love over a sweet video chat.

  10. Let Your Flavor Freak Flag Fly

    It can be weird to be the only one at work who brings a pint of Americone Dream for lunch every day. Or the only person you know who keeps a spoon on their person at all times. This year, give yourself the gift of acceptance. You are an ice cream lover, a fanatic for the sweet frozen fantasy that is Ben & Jerry’s. Keep it quirky, dear reader, and scoop your way into 2021 with reckless abandon.