10 Awkward Moments Every Ice Cream Lover Has Experienced

March 11, 2020

Person on couch with pint of Half Baked ice cream

There aren’t many downsides to being an ice cream lover, but we’ll admit there are a few. Like the fact that no one has invented a bottomless freezer. Or a self-cleaning spoon. Yet.

There are also these 10 awkward moments that every ice cream lover has definitely experienced:


  • 1. When you and your roommate both reach for the last Pint Slice

    It’s 11:00 pm and there’s one Americone Dream Pint Slice left. This isn’t going to end well.

  • 2. When you don’t plan your order in advance

    You’re at the Scoop Shop and realize that you’ve gotten all the way up to the counter without deciding which flavor to get. Good thing there are no wrong answers.

  • 3. When there’s one Dough Chunk left

    You’re sharing a bag of Dough Chunks with your bestie and it’s down to one last chunk. Flip for it?

  • 4. When you go for a sneaky midnight scoop and get caught red-handed

    What can you say, you couldn’t sleep.

  • 5. When you forget to pick up a pint for date night

    Good thing there’s ice cream delivery, amiright?

  • 6. When you misjudge your date

    You thought you could share a pint without using bowls, but they’re not there yet. Back to the kitchen you go.

  • 7. When you swore you could make it home before the pint melted

    But now you have a leaky pint as proof of your naiveté.

  • 8. When you get engrossed in your movie and forget to put the pint back in the freezer

    Welcome to Melt City, population you.

  • 9. When you buy Chubby Hubby for your partner and they take it a little too personally

    You just thought they liked pretzels and peanut butter!

  • 10. When you forget their dairy status

    Does your date do dairy or don’t they? Better get a dairy pint and a Non-Dairy pint just to be safe.