Cannabis Justice By The Numbers

Ready for the good news about cannabis? It’s legal for recreational use in 18 states and for medical use in 38 (it’s legal for both in Washington, DC) — and business is booming. More than two-thirds of Americans, of all backgrounds and political persuasions, support legalization. Things are definitely pretty great right now if you’re a fan of 4/20. 

Unless you’re Black.

We’ll be blunt: Sure, legalization is awesome, but most of the people making money in the cannabis industry are white and most of the people getting arrested for cannabis possession are Black. We have to do better. Tell your senators to legalize cannabis and help those who have been hurt by its criminalization. Legalization will only work if justice is baked right in.


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Infographic Description: The Ben & Jerry’s logo appears at the top of the graphic. Under that is the title, “Let’s Be Blunt About Cannabis Justice.” A series of statistics about racial inequities follow. The first says, “We support cannabis legalization, but does this seem right to you? 90% of cannabis business owners are white, and only 7% are Black.” This appears next to a graphic of a small cannabis plant labelled “7% Black” and a larger cannabis plant labelled “90% white.” The next statistic reads, “The racial disparities don’t end there. Black people are 264% more likely than white people to be arrested for cannabis possession, even though they use at similar rates.” This appears next to a graphic of a white person’s hand passing a joint to a Black person’s hand, while the Black hand has a handcuff on. The next statistic reads, “Even where cannabis is legal, Black people are still arrested more often than white people for possession.” The last statistic reads, “There were 350,150 cannabis arrests in 2020 — 91% of them for possession only. Why are so many people being arrested for cannabis, even in states that have legalized? We think that’s wrong.” At the bottom, the text reads, “Legalization without justice is half baked. Take action now and tell your senators to legalize cannabis and help those who have been hurt by its criminalization.” To take action, visit  |  Back to Infographic