Choose Your CONE Adventure With The Cone-ucopia Sundae

A cup with ice cream and topping then an ice cream cone on top

Love lots of toppings on your ice cream? You’re going to flip out over the newest sundae to hit participating Scoop Shops. Not only is it loaded with fun toppings, it also may be our most customizable sundae ever. Introducing the Cone-ucopia Sundae, the sweetest way to turn your dessert experience upside down.

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Ready to choose your CONE adventure with the Cone-ucopia Sundae? Here’s how it works:

1. Choose Your Ice Cream Flavors

Would it even be a sundae if it didn’t start with ice cream? Keep it classic with two scoops of the same flavor or get wild and go with two different flavors. Half Baked and Phish Food, anybody? (Heck, get Phish Food and Lemonade sorbet if you want to, we’re not the flavor police.)

2. Fill Your Cone

This is where it gets really good. Pick two of your favorite toppings and we’ll scoop them directly into a cone. Yup, you read that right — they’re not going onto your ice cream scoops just yet. Cookie pieces and sprinkles? Sounds amazing. M&Ms and peanuts? We’re here for it. The choice is all yours.

3. Get Saucy — Or Don’t (But You Should)

We’re not done with that cone yet! You could pick a third topping to go inside, but we highly recommend choosing a sauce instead. Our caramel and hot fudge sauces are legendary and will bring a certain sweet je ne sais quoi to your whole sundae experience.

4. Flip It!

Now watch carefully, because this next part is all drama. We’ll flip your filled cone upside down on top of your ice cream scoops, making a holding chamber of secret topping goodness that you can unleash later. 

5. Whipped Cream Me, Baby

For a final flourish, we’ll top it with whipped cream because whipped cream is great for the ’gram. Oh, and it’s really tasty, too. 

6. Dig In!

When you dig into this masterpiece, pick up the cone to reveal the cone-ucopia of toppings inside. Is this maybe the coolest way you’ve ever put toppings onto a sundae? Probably yes. Unless you’ve ever had a robot dragon scoop toppings onto a sundae for you, and we’re guessing you haven’t.

Look for the Cone-ucopia Sundae at participating Scoop Shops!

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