Ice cream pints and toppings

10 Unconventional Ice Cream Toppings That Will Blow Your Mind

Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing — truly nothing — wrong with caramel sauce and chopped nuts. But if you’re feeling a little edgy or looking to really impress a friend (or a date, wink wink), think outside the pint for your next sundae. We’re 98% sure you’ve never topped your scoops with these toppings, but we’re 105% sure they’ll be a hit. Tap into your culinary creativity and get topping:

  1. Caramel Popcorn

    Crunchy. Sweet. A little salty. We like all of that.

    Suggested Flavor Pairing: Chocolate Fudge Brownie

  2. Granola

    Think yogurt parfait, but with a sweet dessert makeover.

    Suggested Flavor Pairing: Strawberry Cheesecake

  3. Hot Sauce

    Taco Tuesday dessert? Trust us on this one, it’s a sweet-and-spicy masterpiece.

    Suggested Flavor Pairing: Vanilla

  4. Ground Espresso

    Coffee and chocolate are a decadent match. Just make sure to grind it extra fine.

    Suggested Flavor Pairing: Chocolate Therapy

  5. Wasabi Peas

    If you’re up for a little spice, you can’t beat the flavor these bring. Try them whole or crushed.

    Suggested Flavor Pairing: Half Baked

  6. Potato Chips

    Remember that time we made an ice cream flavor with potato chips in it? It’s actually a stellar combo.

    Suggested Flavor Pairing: Netflix & Chilll’d

  7. Cereal

    Preferably something sweet that your mother would not approve of, not those high-fiber health flakes.

    Suggested Flavor Pairing: Churray for Churros!

  8. Olive Oil

    This one had a viral moment recently, and for good reason. The richness is unparalleled.

    ​​Suggested Flavor Pairing: Pistachio Pistachio

  9. Balsamic Glaze

    We’re not sure if this would work on other flavors, but balsamic and strawberry are an iconic match.

    Suggested Flavor Pairing: Cherry Garcia