12 Things Only True
Ben & Jerry’s Fans Do

March 10, 2016

Man and woman eating cones

We love meeting Ben & Jerry’s fans – people who have the same passion for ice cream, and its accompanying chunks and swirls, that we do. But we’ve come to learn that there are fans, and then there are true fans. That is, people who take their love of Ben & Jerry’s to a whole new level. These are the people who get tattoos of their favorite flavors, or bike over 90 miles to Free Cone Day.

Here’s what else true fans are up to, when they’re not trying out every flavor they can get their hands on:

  1. They keep a spoon on their person at all times.

    When you love ice cream as much as a true Ben & Jerry’s fan, you need to be ready to enjoy it at a moment’s notice. These smart cookies keep one in their pocket, purse or car at all times. You never know when an ice cream opportunity will present itself.

  2. They get creative with empty pint containers.

    When true Ben & Jerry’s fans finish a pint, the trash can is the last place they think to put their accomplishment. Their homes are spotted with containers used as flower pots, pen holders, coin collectors, and even strung together as wall décor. Properly cleaned first, of course.

  3. They never miss Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon.

    As lovers of Americone Dream and The Tonight Dough, the true fan never misses an episode of these funny-men’s respective shows. Pint in hand, they’re ready to laugh their way through whatever shenanigans are in store.

  4. They take their dates to the Scoop Shop.

    First date? The true fan thinks the Scoop Shop is the only appropriate place. What better way to bond than by discussing your favorite flavors and toppings, and the pros and cons of cones versus cups?

  5. …but they save the really SPECIAL dates for the factory tour.

    When the true fan wants to up the ante – say, to pop the question to their beloved – they take them to tour the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Waterbury, VT. As they watch chunks and swirls merge harmoniously with ice cream, they can’t help but want to merge with their beloved in sweet, sweet harmony.

  6. They listen to Phish, almost exclusively.

    There’s nothing like rocking out to Junta or Lawn Boy with a pint of Phish Food in hand. Those marshmallow swirls twist and twirl just like Trey Anastasio’s guitar solos, bringing you to ever closer to ice cream nirvana.

  7. They cook with ice cream.

    Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and beyond – there’s no shortage of ways to use ice cream in the kitchen. The true fan loves to experiment, pushing the boundaries of the ice cream experience to new and exciting culinary heights.

  8. They visit as many Scoop Shops as they can.

    Every vacation, every road trip and every drive home for the holidays is an opportunity to seek out new and exciting Scoop Shops. The true fan is always on the hunt for shops that might have a new flavor they haven’t tried, or just some really cool scoopers to chat with.

  9. They have a lucky lid.

    Some people have a lucky penny. The true Ben & Jerry’s fans are more likely to have a lucky lid – perhaps the lid from their first pint of Ben & Jerry’s, or the pint that sparked their true fandom. Ice cream is life for them, and life comes with sentimental milestones.

  10. All parties and gatherings come with ice cream.

    When the true fan throws a shindig, you know ice cream will be in the mix. In fact, the catering team at their local Scoop Shop probably knows this Ben & Jerry’s fan intimately, since they’ve had every birthday and housewarming party catered by the ice cream experts.

  11. They have Ben & Jerry’s trivia on lockdown.

    How did Ben and Jerry first meet? Where was the very first Scoop Shop? What’s the only flavor ever to contain raisins? What flavor can you only find in Texas? The true fan can school any mere mortal on Ben & Jerry’s trivia. (And as they would tell you with glee, those answers are: 1) in 7th grade gym class 2) in a renovated gas station in Burlington, VT 3) Dastardly Mash and 4) Bourbon Pecan Pie.)

  12. They have a passion for justice.

    The true Ben & Jerry’s fan knows that while ice cream can bring a whole lot of joy to the belly and the soul, even more joy comes from fighting for the causes you believe in. They have a passion for justice and equality and a zest for making the world a better place.

    Keep on scooping, fans, our bowl runneth over with chocolate and love.